Adobe Announces Acrobat X Collaboration, File Sharing, and PDF Creation Tools
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This morning, Adobe announced new collaboration, file-sharing/sending, and PDF creation tools available in Adobe Acrobat X Professional and online.

Acrobat X Pro's new "guided Actions" allow users to "automate routine, multi-step tasks and easily share them with coworkers and collaborators," the company's press release announced. Also, Acrobat X's "new layouts, visual themes and color palettes in PDF Portfolios, [allow] business professionals [to] change how users view, think and interact with content and its context." Additionally, Adobe X's new integration with Microsoft® SharePoint allows users to "check-in and check-out PDF files for reviewing and editing shared documents," among other new tools.

Online Document Exchange

Adobe also announced a new online document exchange service - Adobe SendNow. In its press release, Adobe described it as:

a valuable new document exchange service now available that lets users send, download, track and manage documents. Users can upload files from a Web browser or directly from the share pane in Adobe Reader X.

With just a few simple clicks from a central dashboard, users can send large files from their computer to one or many recipients, view files that they’ve sent off, track, see when and to whom they were sent, get delivery receipts, and watch for files that have been sent to them. With Adobe SendNow, users avoid e-mail gateway issues, complicated FTP servers, or the costs of expensive overnight mail.

With a free Adobe SendNow account, you can send a single file up to 100 MB in size. The file can be downloaded up to 100 times within seven days (whichever comes first). Premium subscriptions are also available that allow sending multiple, larger files (up to 2MB) to more recipients. With a premium account, your files can be downloaded more times, and you can control how long you want the file to be available for download. "Basic" plans start at $9.99/month, with the "Plus" plan starting at $19.99/month.

Services such as and, also offer similar services for free or at low cost (with larger file limits for the free services).

Online PDF Creation

Additionally, Adobe announced enhanced online PDF-creation capabilities with Adobe CreatePDF. In its press release, Adobe described it as:

a new service for easy, online PDF creation from any desktop computer. Adobe CreatePDF has been designed to simplify the process of turning files into high quality PDF documents, while allowing users to do more than before. Besides converting Microsoft Office documents, images and other supported files into an Adobe PDF from a Web browser, users can combine documents into a single PDF file, and if they are using Microsoft Windows®, install a special printer driver that will allow them to create a PDF file online from any application that can print.

The site has long offered the ability to create a limited number of PDF documents online via the Web browser. Like the existing service at, CreatePDF allows you to create up to five PDF documents for free.  However, the newly-added ability to install a free print driver to create PDF documents on up to five Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 computers is a boon to individuals who need to only create PDFs occassionally and do not need the additional manipulation, collaboration, etc. tools available in the paid version of Acrobat. (Mac OS X already has a built-in PDF print option right in the print dialogue box.) The ability to combine multiple PDF files into one is only available with a paid subscription. "Basic" plans start at $9.99/month.

Acrobat Reader X

Adobe also previewed some of the features of the upcoming new version of its free Reader software, including:

commenting with Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools so that anyone can add comments directly on a PDF document for free. PDF access has been expanded to mobile devices with free Adobe Reader X for Android, Windows® Phone 7 and Blackberry Tablet OS, coming soon. Safer viewing of PDF files is available with new Protected Mode security capabilities in Reader X. A new Share pane in Reader X provides a connection to the online Adobe CreatePDF service, making it easy to create a document that others will be able to view consistently.

Reader X is expected to be available "by the end of the month," according to the press release.

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