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Online MCLE Quizzes for California Self-Study Continuing Legal Education Credit

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Click here to read answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding completing and certifying California MCLE exercises completed with Internet For Lawyers.



Click here to access the entire list of online MCLE exercises and associated reading materials.

California, Arizona & New York attorneys can also view the list of Online MCLE Quizzes

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If you have already purchased individual exercises or multi-hour MCLE bundles, check your e-mail for a message containing instructions/links to access the exercise. Click here to visit a page with links to all of the associated reading materials. Note that the exercises themselves also include links to the reading materials.

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California Legal Ethics, Elimination of Bias in the Practice of Law, Prevention, Detection & Treatment of Substance Abuse, Law Practice Management, or General Self-Study Continuing Legal Education credit may be earned online for only $20.00 per hour (when reading accompanying articles or code sections when applicable and answering related quiz questions). The exams can be viewed online for free prior to taking them by clicking the links above. For Attorneys or Paralegals requiring multiple hours, we have created a number of money-saving multi-course bundles. Save over $60 when completing 13 hours of our Continuing Legal Education courses online.

Additionally, these quizzes qualify for CLE credit for Arizona Attorneys. Courses offering two hours of credit also qualify for credit for New York lawyers. Attorneys in other jurisdictions may be able to submit the California MCLE Certificate of Completion for MCLE credit if they can claim credit for credits in their home jurisdictions from exercises earned from California MCLE providers. Internet For Lawyers is a California State Bar approved MCLE provider (California MCLE provider number #9836). 


Internet For Lawyers also custom-designs in-person MCLE training seminars for individuals, your practice group, law firm or professional organization. For more information, contact us at or 310/559-1632 - or view our online continuing legal education seminar calendar for our schedule of upcoming live MCLE events.



*In the year 2000, the California State Assembly passed a bill (AB 1761) outlining, among other things, new MANDATORY continuing legal education requirements for Paralegals. The Bill provides under Business & Professions Section 6450 paragraph d that "all continuing education courses shall meet the requirements of [Business & professions Code] Section 6070.

Per Section 6070 only courses offered by State Bar of California approved MCLE providers are recognized when considering MCLE credit hours earned.

Additionally, the State Bar has gone on record stating that "If an activity is geared toward Paralegals or attended only by Paralegals, the activity DOES NOT qualify for MCLE credit and therefore does not meet either the Attorney's or the Paralegal's requirements."

When taking live or online MCLE courses, Attorneys and Paralegals should be certain that the provider is certified by the California State Bar.

Internet For Lawyers' California State Bar MCLE is a California State Bar approved MCLE provider (California MCLE provider #9836). 

Also in 2000, the California State Senate passed a bill (SB144) instructing the State Bar to "ensure that by July 1, 2000, any member possessing or having access to the internet or specified generally available computer technology shall be capable of satisfying the full self-study portion of his or her MCLE requirement [online] ... " (Paragraph d).

The Bar also allows Self-Study CREDIT online MCLE if the provider keeps record of the attorneys' usage of the materials. Internet For Lawyers keeps these records, and therefore our quizzes are eligible for Self-Study credit.


For a full list of the upcoming California State Bar MCLE deadlines visit click here.

For the full text of California Senate Bill 144 (2000) click here.

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