American Bar Association Releases Lawyer Technology Usage Statistics | Full Reports/Free Summaries Available
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The American Bar Association's (ABA's) Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) has released the results of its 2014 Legal Technology Survey. The full set of results are available for purchase. Free summaries, in which "legal technology experts explore key developments from the 2014 Legal Technology Survey Report," are also available online

For more than a decade, the LTRC has surveyed practicing attorneys about their usage of technology in their law practices.

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The results of the 2014 survey are be presented in six volumes:

  • Technology Basics
  • Law Office Technology
  • Litigation & Courtroom Technology
  • Web & Communication Technology
  • Online Research
  • Mobile Lawyers

The six volumes are available for purchase via the ABA Webstore for $300 per volume (ABA Members) or $350 (non-ABA Members).

The complete set of results (all six volumes) are available for purchase via the ABA Webstore for $1,550 per volume (ABA Members) or $1,800 (non-ABA Members).

The LTRC also makes summary reviews of the data available in a series of ten articles written by subject-area experts. They are:

  • Security
    By David Ries
    How law firms and lawyers protect themselves and their clients.

  • Cloud Computing
    By Dennis Kennedy
    Exploring how lawyers have adapted to an increasingly cloud-based world.

  • Practice Management
    By Joshua Poje
    Examining the tools that power efficient law practices.

  • Blogging and Social Media
    By Allison Shields
    Looking at the way lawyers communicate and market their practices in 2014.

  • Technology Training
    By Adriana Linares
    Maximizing law firm technology investments through effective training.

  • Legal Research
    By Joshua Poje
    The tools and practices that keep lawyers at the top of the legal research game.

  • Mobile Technology
    By Tom Mighell
    Using technology to take the practice outside of the office.

  • Virtual Law Practice
    By Joshua Poje
    Using technology to escape the traditional limitations of a law firm.

  • Litigation Technology
    By Paul Unger
    Exploring the technology trends that impact litigators.

  • Solo and Small Firm Technology
    By Richard Ferguson
    The hardware and software that solo and small firm attorneys need.

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