Is Gone Forever? | Update - Back...And Now Gone Again
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Updated January 11, 2017

Updated November 14, 2016

One of our favorite unofficial, free sources for dates of birth,, is currently once again unavailable is back online. After an absence of approximately three months, the site's search form is once again became active in November 2016 and retrieving birth date results.

The URL now points to a "parked domain" type page with no original content or information.

The site's URL redirects to the blog of an apparently defunct site called

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Get news like this delivered directly to your inbox. boasted a database of more than 120 million names and birthdates searchable by name. While the site was always has always been vague about the actual source of its information, it iswas correct often enough that we've relied on it when looking to locate dates of birth.

Birthdatabase is (was) owned by the web site. The webmaster of has not yet responded to our email to determine whether this is a temporary issue or the site has been permanently discontinued.

Another of our favorite birth date search resources - the birthday search at - reliesd on the database to retrieve its own results. So, as long as the Now that has returned, the Birthdatabase site is down, canonce againnot retrieve birth date information either.

Every time you see an advertisement for birth records on the Web, you will be taken to a pay database--even ads that might be appended to this article.

Stay tuned to this post for updates as we learn more.



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