California MCLE Deadline Approaching for Attorneys in Group 2; Continuing Legal Education Compliance Must be Completed by January 31, 2012, Reported by February 1
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The MCLE (Minimum Continuing Legal Education) compliance deadline for California attorneys in Compliance Group 2 is January 31, 2011. Compliance Group 2 includes all licensed California attorneys whose names end with letters H through M. California attorneys are required to report their MCLE compliance by February 1 online via their "My State Bar" profile.

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In 2000, the California State Senate passed a bill (SB144) instructing the State Bar to "ensure that by July 1, 2000, any member possessing or having access to the internet or specified generally available computer technology shall be capable of satisfying the full self-study portion of his or her MCLE requirement [online] at a cost of fifteen dollars ($15) per hour or less, ... " (Paragraph d).

California attorneys can earn all of their MCLE credits online - this includes (up to a maximum) 12.5 hours of Self-Study credits. Internet For Lawyers' California MCLE bundles meet the educational, access, and low price parameters of the Bill.

Attorneys can earn up to 22 hours online with Internet For Lawyers' interactive MCLE exercises. Internet For Lawyers' exercises are designed to help Attorneys locate information on the Internet that can be useful to the cases they handle in their practices. Of these MCLE credit hours, 15 hours qualify for Participatory California MCLE credit and 7 qualify for Self-Study California MCLE credit.

For more information on our MCLE exercises and special package prices for multi-hour bundles, see Internet For Lawyers is a California State Bar approved MCLE provider (number 9836).

For a full list of the upcoming California State Bar MCLE deadlines visit click here.

For the full text of California Senate Bill 144 (2000) click here.


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