Did Google Mean to Discontinue Instant Predictions Setting
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Did Google mean to take away the ability to turn off "Instant Predictions" in search? Or did it just get lost in the last update of the Chrome browser?

I had a look at my Google Search Settings today and was surprised by something I saw...or rather, something I didn't see.

Ordinarily, Google offers you the ability to (somewhat) manage when you see the page of Instant Search Results that accompanies the drop-down list of Instant Predictions that match the characters you type into Google's Search box. (See above left.)

When I visited my Google Search Settings page after a search this afternoon, I found that the radio buttons to control the setting (see above right) were missing. In fact, the setting was  missing when I checked the Settings page in Chrome today in both Mac and Windows.

At first, I was concerned that Google had taken away our ability to control this setting (while teasing us with the remnant seen above right). However, the setting only appears to be missing in Chrome for Mac and Windows. The setting is still available in versions of Firefox, Opera, and Safari (Mac) I'm running.

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