Expert Witness Profiler Site Provides Detailed Background Reports on Expert Witnesses

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Lawyers and expert witnesses can now obtain extensive background reports on specific expert witnesses from the newly launched Expert Witness Profiler Web site.*

The Profiles include detailed information about the expert witnesses' professional, personal, and litigation backgrounds. These Expert Witness Profiles are created by scouring numerous sources, including:


  • Testimonial history
  • Challenge (Daubert/Frye) history
  • Disciplinary history
  • Licensing and certifications (including verification)
  • Educational background (including verification)
  • Professional background
  • Associations and memberships
  • Personal information (such as the expert's political persuasion, interests, and opinions posted on various Web sites)
  • Publications
  • Teaching and research
  • Patents, trademarks, and copyrights (if relevant)
  • References in news, blogs, social networking, or discussion groups
  • Rates
  • Names of references
  • and more


Where available, the Expert Witness Profile also includes access to expert witness transcripts, briefs (including memoranda in support of or in opposition to motions to exclude testimony), and other relevant supporting documents. Depending on the expert, Profiles can run dozens to hundreds of pages in length.

Profiles are custom-created by a team of professional expert witness researchers using a combination of publicly available resources and proprietary databases not readily available to most law firms. The research team is comprised of over 25 legal professionals specially trained to use advanced research tools and techniques to locate difficult to find information about expert witnesses.

"These Profiles are indispensable for a legal professional who is interested in retaining an expert or for an attorney who is going to oppose an expert," said Jim Robinson, president of and a partner in the Expert Witness Profiler.

"Additionally, the report is useful to expert witnesses to learn what information is floating around out there on them and what attorneys know about them," said Myles Levin, president of and a partner in the Expert Witness Profiler. "It's an excellent way to eliminate surprises during the trial proceeding."

As members of the company's Board of Advisors, we helped devise the research methodology used to create the reports. Additionally, we have performed quality control reviews on a number of reports and we were impressed with the volume and breadth of information returned by the Expert Witness Profiler researchers, not to mention their thoroughness and depth of research.

Establishing an Expert Witness Profiler account is free. To ease ordering when you are in need of a Profile, accounts can be created in advance without ordering. The base price for an Expert Witness Profile is $450, regardless of length. Additional documents, such as trial transcripts, deposition testimony, etc., may also be ordered (when available) for an additional fee.

Expert Witness Profiles are ordered online. They are delivered as a PDF file within 10 days. Discounts are also available based on volume. Rush delivery of profiles (as quickly as 24 hours) is also available for an additional fee.

While the Expert Witness Profiler site and service are new, the company's partners are no new-comers to the field of providing expert witness information. The Expert Witness Profiler is a joint venture between Myles Levin, founder of The Daubert Tracker and Jim Robinson, founder of the JurisPro Expert Witness Directory. Combined, Robinson and Levin have over four decades of experience researching experts. They were also two of the co-authors of one of the definitive white papers on expert witness research, "Finding and Researching Experts and Their Testimony". (Internet For Lawyers' president Carole Levitt was another of the co-authors.)

*Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch serve on the Board of Advisers of Expert Witness Profiler. Royalties are earned for each report ordered through their affiliate registration page.

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