Facebook Kills Off Name Search
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After many years of hiding the search page where you could search Facebook for a user by name without being logged into an account, Facebook has finally killed the feature off.

Facebook Name Search

For many years, searchers could use the search form at https://www.facebook.com/srch.php to perform a name search through the Facebook user database – even if the searcher wasn’t logged into their own Facebook account. The link to this search form was not prominently labeled and therefore under-utilized. 

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Over time, the quality of the search results at this page deteriorated. Where the searches had once show relevant profile listings that matched the name you searched, more recently, search results were limited to ten results … and they were not even the 10 most relevant results. Searches for “Mark Rosch” would yield one or two of the six profiles using that name and the rest of the results list would be filled out with “similar” names (e.g., “Mark DeRosche”).

Facebook Name Search

Regardless, none of that matters anymore, as the page no longer exists.

Facebook Name Search

Name searches can still be conducted using the search box at the top of your profile when you're logged into your account. You can also use the same search box to conduct searches by email address or phone number.

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