Fastcase Introduces New Features in Version 7.4 (Codenamed 'Venus')
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Fastcase has made many changes lately; from adding new partner content; to its new platform, Fastcase 7; and its latest 7.4 upgrade, code-named “VENUS.” 

With 7.4, you can now:

  • Jump directly from your search results into the Outline View to learn which libraries are part of your current subscription
  • Quickly see which cases have been overturned because they are now highlighted in red in the Interactive Timeline
  • Home in on the best possible results because in 7.4 Fastcase overhauled its relevance algorithm to show the best results on the top of the results list

Fastcase has also added these new partners to offer subscribers more secondary content, such as:

  • Expert witness profiles from JurisPro: Brief annotations about the experts are integrated right into your search results if you run an “Entire Database” search. Then, if you click an annotation from the results list, the full-text of the expert’s profile is shown (for free). You can also search JurisPro on its own or in combination with other databases on Fastcase. Another expert witness profile database, Courtroom Insight, is new to Fastcase, but you can’t get a free look at the expert’s full-text profile like you can with the expert witness profiles from JurisPro. You can only see the brief annotation unless you have a separate subscription to Courtroom Insight.
  • American Bar Association Sections’ books and treatises are not online yet, but when they are the will be treated like the expert witness results above. You will see brief annotations integrated into your search results, but unlike the free access to the full text of Jurispro’s expert witnesses’ profiles, you will not be able to view the full-text of any book for free. You must have a separate annual subscription to an individual ABA book or a practice section library of online books in order to access the full-text. The ABA books will join a group of other book publishers already online at Fastcase, such as James Publishing, HeinOnline, the New York State Bar Association, and others.
  • TransUnion TLOxp: This is an investigative research database used for due diligence and to find missing people, etc. We have an individual TLOxp subscription and wonder if there’s going to be a discount if we subscribe via Fastcase. We’re awaiting a call-back to clarify this detail.

If you want to search Fastcase’s secondary materials, such as the expert witness profiles or any books and treatises, you will learn that Fastcase does not make it that easy to find them, so here’s how to find them: To view secondary material that is not jurisdiction-specific, such as JurisPro, Courtroom Insight, and books and treatises that are not from a state bar publication department, click Outline from the homepage and then choose All-Federal or any state to view the available books and treatises. To view only state-specific secondary materials, such as books and treatises from the New York State Bar Association, click Outline from the homepage and then click New York.

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