FindLaw Founder Launches Legal Blog Search
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Under the auspices of his current company, Justia, FindLaw co-founder Tim Stanley has launched a new directory and search engine of law-related blogs (blawgs) at

The site launched with an index of "around 600 blawgs...{with] an emphasis on academic and technology law blawgs," according to an announcement Stanley posted to an online discussion forum.

At launch, the site offers users the ability to keyword search the (untold number of) posts contained in the hundreds of blawgs included in the index, or to browse through nearly four dozen categories to locate blawgs devoted to specific topics. Users can see what's of interest to others by viewing Blawgsearch's list of the most popular blawgs in its index, and the collection of "Recent Search Terms" listed on the right-hand side of the site's homepage. Users can also locate posts about specific topics by clicking on the "Blawg Post Tags," located on the right-hand side of the site's homepage. (The larger and more bold-faced a "Search Term" or "Tag" is, the more popular it is.)

Look for Stanley, an inveterate tinkerer, to add additional sites to the index and more functions over time.

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