Gmail Will Stop Working on These Browsers Soon
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Google has announced that Gmail will stop working on versions of Google’s Chrome browser older than v53 at the end of 2017.

The announcement cited security upgrades in newer versions of the browser as a reason for not supporting versions of Chrome before version 53.  “Starting February 8, 2017, we will show a banner at the top of the Gmail interface for users who are still on Google Chrome Browser v53 and below to encourage upgrading to the latest version of Chrome,” Google said in a blog post.

Gmail will stop working with certain versions of Google Chrome soon.

In case you needed another reason to upgrade to a modern operating system, the newest version of the Chrome browser for the Windows XP and Windows Vista operatong systems, as well as Mac OS 10.8 is version 49. Neither Windows XP or Windows Vista are still supported by Microsoft.

Google Chrome Version Does Not Support Gmail

You can download the current version of the Google Chrome browser here.

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