Google Adds Visible BCC indicator in Gmail
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Gmail users will now see an indicator alerting them that they have received a message as a Bcc addressee - rather than as a "regular" "To" or "Cc" addressee. This can be very useful in keeping that Bcc recipient from "Replying All" to the message when "All" of the recipients don't know that particular individual received the message in the first place.

One drawback, however, is that the visible Bcc header will only be added to messages sent from other Gmail users, not from other e-mail services/sources. This won't be an issue for messages sent within companies (or law firms) using Google Apps for Domains to manage all of their e-mails. Additionally, each Bcc recipient will only see themselves on the Bcc list.

The feature will be available to all Google Apps for Domains and Gmail users by February 22, 2011. The feature had previously only been available to accounts where their administrators had selected the "Enable pre-release features" checkbox on the Domain Settings > General settings page.

Google originally announced the feature on its Google Apps Blog.

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