Google Updates Advanced Search, Now Recognizes Multiple Phrases From Search Form
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Google has updated the function of its Advanced Search forms to recognize multiple phrases entered into the form's "Find Pages with...the exact words or phrase" box.

Google Advanced Search now recognizes multiple phrases.

To search for multiple phrases using the Advanced Search form you must enclose each of the phrases in its own set of quotation marks. Previously, anything entered into this box was treated as a single phrase, even if individual phrases were enclosed in their own quotation marks. To search for a single phrase using this form you do not need to use phrase without quotation marks at all - the form essentially does it for you.

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This feature works on both Google Web Search and Google Scholar but not Google Groups.

Users could always search for multiple phrases on the homepage search box of any Google search service by enclosing each of the phrases in its own set of quotation marks. This functionality remains unchanged.

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