Google Apps for Work Adds Mobile Device Management Tools for iOS Devices
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Google recently released a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool for iOS devices that access cloud-stored data in Google's paid Apps for Work (Education and Government) cloud productivity suites. iOS Sync for Google Apps integrates existing Google mobile apps for iOS devices with native device management features built into iOS to give administrators more control over company-owned and employees' own (BYOD) devices accessing the company's cloud-stored data.

Google Apps For Work

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The product's features include:

  • Manage Google Apps: Set a policy that prompts employees to enroll their device when they log into Google Apps such as Google Drive and Gmail.
  • Configure WiFi networks: Distribute WiFi passwords and certificates to employees so they can easily connect to trusted networks.
  • Support for existing policies: Manage password requirements, data encryption and camera policies, as well as actions like remotely wiping a device, activation approvals and blocking devices.

iOS Sync

iOS Sync is built into Google's Gmail and Drive apps for iOS 7 and 8. Administrators of Google Apps for Work, Education, and Government domains can access the MDM function in their administrative console. Google released similar MDM capabilities for Android earlier in 2014.

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