Google Cripples Another Feature - Location
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Google has crippled yet another of it's search filters/features. This time it's the location feature. Changes to the search results interface now limit a searcher's option when customizing their location.

It's fairly well known that Google customizes search results based on the detected location of your device (among numerous other criteria).

Google's old location filter

For a number of years, Google has given searchers the ability to customize that location by clicking the "Search Tools" tab above the search results list, and then clicking the location displayed on the row of tabs that would subsequently appear.

Google's new location information

Now, that location information has been moved from this row of tabs to the bottom of the search results list.

Google's old location filter

While Google's documentation of the feature indicates that you have two options:

  • Use precise location
  • Update location

The reality is that only "Use Precise Location" option was available in the seven browser/OS combinations we used to conduct test searches (as shown above). So now, searchers can no longer use a location other than the one where they are located to customize their results. This is yet another step backwards for Google's interface.

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