Google Retires Cloud Connect for Google Apps
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In 2011 Google introduced the Cloud Connect plug-in for Windows as an interim step for Google Apps users who wanted to store their documents in the cloud but still use the familiar tools in the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel).

Since then, Google has expanded the features of its Apps products. One of those newer features is the Google Drive application for Windows and Mac OS computers. The Google Drive application allows you to have the documents stored in your Google Apps account appear in a folder on your computer - as if they were stored locally. This is similar to other cloud storage services like Dropbox.

Cloud Connect can no longer be used to access, edit, or save documents stored in Google Apps. In order to use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel to access, edit, or save documents stored in Google Apps users must now install the Google Drive application for Windows or Mac OS.

Google Apps Administrators must enable their users to use use the Google Drive application on their computers.

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If you have Cloud Connect installed, you should uninstall it from your computers:
    •    Click Start and navigate to your Control Panel.
    •    Go to Programs and Features.
    •    Then, select Uninstall or change program.
    •    Choose to uninstall Google Cloud Connect.

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