Now Thank Your Google Plus Friends For Plus One-ing Pages
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Google has further extended the social reach of its Google+ social experiment and its social search results. Now you can thank your Google+ connections for recommending pages that turn up in your search results.

Google Plus Thank You

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Part of the "Google Plus Your World" search results incorporates pages that your connections on Google+ have "Plus One'd". In the search results, these pages are displayed with a notation about the number of people who have plus one'd that particular page and which of your Google+ connections have plus one'd that particular page. Now, to the right of this plus one information is a link to "Thank them" for helping you find that particular page.

Google Plus Thank You

Clicking the link brings up this screen (above) which you can then post to Google+. Your connection(s) who plus one'd the post are automatically tagged in the post but you can tag additional Google+ users. You can also customize the Thank You message. 

You must be logged into a Google account associated with a Google+ profile in order for these recommendations to appear.

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