Google Powered Search of the Pennsylvania Statutes (and Constitution)
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In response to a tweet yesterday afternoon mentioning the awkwardness of the existing search offered by the state of Pennsylvania for the online version of its statutes, we created a Google-powered custom search of the state's statute pages/files. It allows you to search the Pennsylvania statutes with all of the familiar Google Boolean connectors, syntax, etc. This custom-search is accessing the the pages and files as provided by the Pennsylvania state Legislature.

Thanks for all the positive feedback we've received since originally posting the search on Twitter and Facebook. While the search seems to cover all 79 Titles of the Pennsylvania statutes, we're not 100% sure the results are all encompassing. Based on the dozen or so test searches we ran setting the search up, it seems to catch all of the statutes' content - but all of the usual caveats/disclaimers apply.

Let us know if you find any Titles in particular it does not return.

Google-Powered Search of Pennsylvania Statues and Constitution




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