Google-powered Search of the Texas Statutes (and Constitution)
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Recently, in response to query on Twitter, we created a Google-powered search of Pennsylvania statutes. This got us thinking about other states that offered access to their statutes online, but did not offer the full flexibility and/or familiar search options offered by Google's Web search. 

So, we started poking around a bit, looking for other state statutory materials onto which we might superimpose a Google-powered search. Our second Google-powered statute search covers Texas's statues and Constitution.

The Texas legislature offers an excellent search option for its statutes and Constitution at There, you can browse or search the entire Code, or search individual Titles or the Constitution. Your keywords are even highlighted in the search results. While the Texas Legislature search does a nice job with Boolean and phrase searching, our test searches seemed to indicate that one weakness was in the exclusionary AND NOT/BUT NOT search - particularly when trying to exclude a phrase.

The Google-powered search we created for Texas statutes and Constitution allows for the exclusionary search using the minus sign ( - ).

Based on the dozen or so test searches we ran setting the search up, it seems to catch all of the statutes' content - but all of the usual caveats/disclaimers apply.

Let us know if you find any Titles in particular it does not return.

Google-Powered Search of Texas Statues and Constitution



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