Google Proximity Search Site (GAPS) No Longer Functional
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One feature that Google does not offer in its Web search is the ability to create a well-defined proximity search. Unlike paid search products, we cannot indicate how close we want our keywords to be to one another in search results. 

While Google does offer the asterisk (*) to take the place of one (or more than one) word in a search (e.g., Mark * Rosch), we cannot indicate that we want Mark within one word of Rosch, or Mark in the same sentence as Rosch, etc.

One of our favorite work-arounds for this drawback was the was the Google API Proximity Search (GAPS) tool created by Web developer Kevin Shay at his site It allowed you to dictate a distance of up to three words between your terms - to keep them closer together (and more closely related). Note, however, that I am referring to Staggernation in the past tense.

Unfortunately, Google has retired the development tools on which GAPS was based, and the interface no longer functions.

Staggernation - GAPS

P.S. Kevin, yes we did find it useful AND entertaining. Thanks for taking the time to develop and share this tool.


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