Goggle HomePage Redesign Hides Advanced Search
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Google has redesigned its Web Search home page. There has been alot of discussion online about the black bar across the top of the new design, the choice of the red "overline" and white for the active "tab", and gray for other available tabs. Some people have even chosen to focus on the new square buttons to activate the "Google Search" and "I'm Feeling Lucky" features that replaced the old rounded buttons. These really all just amount to cosmetic differences.

Google Web Search New Interface

For us, however, the biggest change to the homepage - and the biggest mistake in the new design - was Google's decision to move access to the "Advanced Search" page to the settings "gear" in the upper right-hand corner. Previously, the link to the Advanced Search page was clearly visible to the right of the search box.

Google Advanced Search page

Aside from the black bar at the top of the Advanced Search page, its design and functions remain unchaged.

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