Google Search Uncovers Fugitive Murder Suspect
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Many of our live CLE seminars focus on the importance, as well as the mechanics, of using the Internet as an investigative tool to get background information about people, and as a risk management tool. There's a wealth of information posted about people online, some of which they may or may not be aware of, that can be invaluable to your decision making process. Sometimes the key to locating it is just knowing where to look, or the tricks to dig even deeper. The following is an excellent example of putting that information to work, and why "Google" has morphed into a verb.

After five years of living with her boyfriend, a Toronto woman apparently became suspicious when he revealed his real name as they discussed getting married. So, she "Googled" him.

She was undoubtedly shocked to learn that her would-be fiance Mikhail Drachev was wanted in connection with the 2001 stabbing murder of a 21-year-old police informant Konstantin Simberg, in Yavapai County, AZ. Two others charged in the murder of were already convicted.

Drachev was arrested, after she contacted authorities.

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