Google Updates 'Updates' its Search Sidebar - Now Referred to as 'Realtime'; Some Searches Displaying Only Twitter Results
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In the Spring of 2010, Google made a major alteration in the way it displayed search results with the introduction of the left-hand sidebar.

One of the new additions to the sidebar was the "Updates" option which displayed "real-time" search results drawn from a (seemingly) finite group or sources like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, and MySpace. At the time, the majority seemed to be coming from Twitter though.

Google Sidebar - including Updates

Google's left-hand sidebar circa Spring 2010

Today we noticed Google has renamed the "Updates" option with the more descriptive name "Realtime."

Google left-hand sidebar now includes realtime label

Google's current left-hand sidebar

Additionally, some searches display the following legend at the bottom indicating that all of the results listed have been drawn from Twitter.

Google Realtime Results all from Twitter


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