New 'Relationship Report' in TLOxp Investigative Research Database Compares Assets
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Today, TLOxp announced a forthcoming “Relationship Report,” which will allow subscribers to run one report automatically comparing the assets (typically this refers only to real property and vehicles—not bank accounts or stocks) of two subjects, as well as showing other connections.

"This additional investigative tool will save you valuable time by running one report connecting both subjects, compared to running two individual reports and then manually comparing the contents of two separate reports," the company said in the User Guide that also served as a de facto announcement of the tool.

TLO Relationship Report Interactive Diagram
The report is accompanied by an interactive diagram showing the connections.

When TLOxp launches this new Report, subscribers simply add the names of their research subjects to a Favorites folder and then select any two subjects in the folder on whom to run the comparison report. 

TLOxp has not announced the cost of this Report, but states that it will be available on a transactional basis, so it WILL NOT BE part of your pricing plan if you have a flat rate. Once the Report is launched, you will be able to view the pricing options by clicking the Pricing link in the My Account tab.


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