Legal Ethics Opinions Related to Attorneys' Use of Social Media Profiles for Investigative and Background Research
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As more and more attorneys find useful background and investigative research information in the social networking profiles of opposing parties, potential witnesses, experts, etc. more and more State Bar associations are issuing Legal Ethics Opinions discussing whether or not (or under what circumstances they can) view these profiles to collect information about these types of people.

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The following is a list of the currently available legal ethics opinions and guidelines:

For a more detailed discussion of Philadelphia Bar Association Ethics Opinion 2009-02 see our article, "Social Networking Sites are Valuable Tools For Lawyers: But Beware the Ethical Pitfalls."

For a comparison of New York State Bar Association Formal Ethics Opinion 2010-02 and Philadelphia Bar Association Ethics Opinion 2009-02, see our article, "New York State and Philadelphia Bar Association Legal Ethics Opinions Address Lawyers' Use of Social Media Sites for Investigative and Background Research."

Also see our collection of cases related to attorneys' use of social media for investigative and background research  in various court jurisdictions.

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