LexisNexis Offering to Match Loislaw Subscription Pricing for "Equivalent Information"
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Yesterday, we wrote about the announcement that Fastcase had acquired Loislaw from Wolters Kluwer. (Thanks to Bob Ambrogi for breaking the story and his detailed reporting.) Fastcase discusses the transition briefly on its own site.

Today, we have learned that LexisNexis has emailed contacts asking “Are You a Loislaw® customer?”, with an offer to match your current Loislaw pricing for a new Lexis Advance subscription that matches the “equivalent information” of your Loislaw subscription.

In the message we saw, a Lexis Account Representative characterized Fastcase’s acquisition as “the pending Loislaw® shutdown,” while touting “Exclusive access to Shepard’s Citations Service, the industry standard,” among other advantages of Lexis Advance. Restrictions apply.

The full-text of the message we saw is included below.

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