Manage Your Gmail From the Grave | Google's Inactive Account manager
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Google has created a new account management tool that allows you to dictate who has access to your account if it becomes inactive - like in the event you die. The new Inactive Account Manager gives you the ability to decide what happens to your photos, emails, and documents after you stop using your account for a pre-determined length of time.

Google Inactive Account Manager

You can opt to share access to your data with a select friend (or friends) or family member(s) - up to 10. You can also choose to have your account deleted entirely. 


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Google Inactive Account Manager

Google's Inactive Account Manager gives you the following options. You can also:


  • be alerted by mobile phone or (non-Google) e-mail before any actions are taken on your account
  • set a timeout period of inactivity, between three months and one year, after which the individuals you designated would be notified they can access your account



Note that the Google Inactive Account Manager is not available for Google Apps for Business accounts. Google Apps for Business accounts (generally) remain the property of the Busines owner and not the end users/employee.


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