Display a Map Showing a Radius Around a Location Point or Address
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If you had to figure out exactly what's contained "within a x mile radius" of a specific location or address, how would you do it?

We've just had an issue where we needed to create a list of major cities within a 200 mile radius of a specific address. To answer this question and create a map showing those cities, we used FreeMapTools.com's Radius Around a Point tool. It allows you to enter a specific address or navigate around a Google Map to drop a pin in the location of your choice. (You can also enter latitude/longitude coordinates.)

Draw Map Radius

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You then indicate the size of the radius you want to display in kilometers, miles, feet or meters before pressing the Draw Radius button.

Map Radius Options

You can also customize the color and thickness of the lines denoting the radius.

The tool also allows you to upload a spreadsheet with multiple locations to create a map showing radii around each of the included locations.

Use the Generate Your Static Map Code button to capture your map for future reference or to embed in your own Web site.


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