New HD Camera More of a TV Production Truck in Your Hand

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One of the most remarkable new devices coming out of CES so far is Movi, a pocket-sized HD digital camera (and companion iOS app) designed specifically for capturing, streaming, and recording live events. The versatile camera is more like a full-blown network TV video production truck that fits in the palm of your hand.

Movi Logo

The device has the potential for changing the way enterprises produce and deliver professional education training.

Movi lets you:

  • Edit while you record.
  • Track movement of specific people in the frame .
  • Pan and zoom remotely (using the iOS app interface; connected via the device’s on-board wi-fi or other available network).
  • With its “built in people detection, ” Movi can even making tracking and editing decisions automatically.
  • Access up to nine virtual HD cameras (all generated from the one device). This allows the user to cut between different camera angles…even though there is only one camera.
  • Store video locally with Movi’s built-in 16GB of storage.

With the Movi, small continuing education providers can stream and record high quality, professional-looking video with just one employee who is comfortable with the “pinch-to-zoom” technology of iOS devices.

Livetream is a Brooklyn, NY-based company that provides a platform for its customers to stream high resolution video of live events over the Internet. So, it’s no surprise, that Movi users can easily stream their event live with an optional Livestream subscription (starting at less than $9 per month), or share their final, edited via social networks (at no additional charge).

PC World is reporting battery life at approximately one hour of recording – reportedly extendable to up to 10 hours with an optional battery pack (that also serves to waterproof the Movi). Other reports set the price for this accessory at $150.

In a press release announcing the device, Livestream said Movi which will ship in early April at a retail price of $399. However, Movi is currently available for a limited time pre-order period at the discounted price of $200 at


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