New York City Bar Association Adds Access to Casemaker Legal Research Resources as a Member Benefit
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As noted in Carole Levitt's new ABA book, Internet Legal Research on a Budget (co-authored with Judy K. Davis), forty-eight state bar associations subscribe to legal research databases on behalf of their members as a member benefit.

Recently, the New York City Bar Association added access to Casemaker's premium services as a free benefit for their members.

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The Casemaker Federal Library contains items such as the United States Supreme, Circuit, District and Bankruptcy court opinions; Federal Court Rules; United States Code; Code of Federal Regulations; Federal Rules Decisions, and Constitution. Its State material libraries (for all 50 states and the District of Columbia) include, at a minimum, Case law, Statutes, Court Rules, and State Constitution. The New York library on Casemaker includes:

  • Appellate and Trial Court Opinions
  • New York Statutes
  • New York Administrative Code
  • New York Court Rules
  • New York Attorney General Opinions
  • New York Legislative Acts
  • New York Constitution
  • New York City Administrative Code
  • New York City Charter
  • New York City Local Laws

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And as a bonus, the New York City Bar is providing ALL of Casemaker’s premium services to its members for free, such as:

  • CaseCheck+ – A negative citator system that informs you if the case you're reading is still good law.
  • CasemakerDigest – daily e-mail summaries of state and federal appellate decisions (within 12-24 hours of publication), listed by practice area.
  • CiteCheck – Upload a brief and in minutes Casemaker will automatically check your citations to be sure they are still good law.

Internet Legal Research on a Budget’s Chapter 8 provides detailed instructions on how to use Casemaker and also explains some of the features and limitations of CaseCheck+ and CiteCheck…and provides you with a work-around.

To purchase Internet Legal Research on a Budget, see

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