Are You Searching the Internet as Effectively as You Think You Are?
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In a December 25, "Dealbook" article, the New York Times details how IRS agent Gary L. Alford used his online searching skills to correctly identify the previously-anonymous, "nearly-mythical leader" of the illicit online marketplace Silk Road. Known for years to authorities only by his online alias "Dread Pirate Roberts," Alford positively uncovered the criminal's true identity - "Ross W. Ulbricht."



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In an interview that is part of the article, Alford told the New York Times, "“I’m not high-tech, but I’m like, ‘This isn’t that complicated. This is just some guy behind a computer...In these technical investigations, people think they are too good to do the stupid old-school stuff. But I’m like, ‘Well, that stuff still works.’ ”

In the article, Alford goes on to discuss some of the Advanced Search features, available to any Google searcher, that he used to locate clues to Ulbricht's real-life identity.

Still think you're searching as effectively as you could be?

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