Prezi Launches App to Create Photo Movies
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Prezi, the online presentation platform has launched Nutshell - a new visual app that allows users to combine their photos, text captions, and preset animations into easily-shareable mini-movies.

To create these mini-movies, users take three photos in succession; the app then combines and animates them into a movie sequence. Users can also add custom text and graphics, as well as pre-defined animations. The resuling video can be shared by email and text message, as well as posted to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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"Nutshell is exactly what its name implies: an epic story condensed into the space of a moment," said Prezi Cofounder and Principal Artist, Adam Somlai-Fischer in a press release announcing the new app. "We incorporated some of the best features of Prezi -- which helps people use spatial context to share ideas and visually communicate moments in their life in an equally impactful and memorable way."

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