South Carolina Bans Social Media for State Employees
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Effective July 2015, South Carolina state employees will be covered by a new Code of Conduct. Aside from the usual types of restrictions barring state employees from "us[ing] state resources for their private business or financial gain" or "use state personnel, equipment, materials, or facilities for political campaigns", the new South Carolina State Employee Code of Conduct bars employees from using social media "unless specifically required by the agency to perform a job function...including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while on duty or through the use of state resources or equipment."

The new South Carolina State Employee Code of Conduct was recommended to Governor Nikki Haley by the State Employee Code of Conduct  she created for this purpose through South Carolina Executive Order 2014-23.The code does not include penalties for violations.

South Carolina Governor Nokki Haley on Facebook

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has nearly 170,000 "Likes" for her Facebook page.

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