North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, South Carolina, and California In-Person MCLE Seminars
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Since 1999, Internet For Lawyers has provided law firms, corporations, corporate legal departments and local and state Bar Associations around the country with professional and entertaining turn-key CLE programs teaching legal professionals to use the Internet more effectively for business, legal and investigative research.

Company principals, Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch will present the following in-person Continuing Legal Education seminars during January, February, and March.

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Here’s what some of the thousands of lawyers around the country who have benefited from their programs have to say:

  • “Being able to specifically look for documents on people or companies! What to say but WOW! The benefits are endless.”

  • “Very good. The speaker’s presentation in tandem was near perfection and usable knowledge presented in a little known area was plentiful. This is at the top of my [list of] CLE Course[s] I’ve taken in 3 years of practice. Exceptionally well-structured and very informative of a critical need. All [materials] are written clearly and flow in natural sequence. Pictures and illustrations are welcome part of chapters and present good examples and clear directions.”

  • “This was wonderful! The content was excellent and will definitely help me in my job. I am very excited to go back and let my supervising attorneys know that I really have brought back useful information.”

  • “Fantastic, relevant, interesting information. Want to go try some of these now!”




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