California Lawyers' Assistance Program-Prevention, Detection & Treatment of Substance Abuse
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INSTRUCTIONS: Read the California State Bar's web page outlining its Lawyers Personal Assistance Program and the Business & Professions Code Sections that established the program as noted below. Then read and answer the following questions for 1 hour of self-study MCLE Substance Abuse credit. The answers to some of these questions can be found by viewing the introductory video by Chief Justice George and reading the description of the Lawyer's Assistance Program Linked to from the California State Bar's web page outlining the services available from the LAP. Some can be found in Business & Professions Code Sections 6140.9 and 6230 - 6238.

In 2001, California Senate Bill 479 established the State Bar's Lawyer's Assistance Program to help attorneys with substance abuse or mental health problems.

The bill's resolutions were codified in the Business & Professions Code Sections 6140.9 and 6230 - 6238.

As stated on the Bar's web site, "The mission of the Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) is to enhance public protection, maintain the integrity of the legal profession, and support recovering attorneys in their rehabilitation and competent practice of law.

The services previously provided by the Lawyers Personal Assistance Program (LPAP) are now offered as part of the comprehensive services of the LAP. In addition to those existing services addressing stress, burnout and other personal issues, the LAP now offers individual counseling, referral assistance, consultations for rehabilitation, and private peer support groups.

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