Acronym Finder Offers Definitions of Over 215,000 Acronyms & Abbreviations
Share this offers a searchable database of over 215,000 acronyms and abbreviations. The database is limited to acronyms of 24 characters and definitions are limited to a maximum length of 255 characters..

Users can search for definitions one of three ways:

  • exact acronym
  • acronym begins with
  • acronym wildcard

While the first two methods are self-explanatory, the "wildcard" does not permit the user to insert a wildcard into their search, but rather returns multiple acronyms that include the user's search string. For example, a search for "FBI" returns not only the "Federal Bureau of Investigation," but also "Appaloosa and Foundation Breeders International" ("AAFBI") among other results.

The site also allows a reverse look-up to determine any acronyms related to a specific subject by allowing users to search by keywords. For example, a search for the keywords "oil" and "drilling" returned seven hits, including "PHPA" (Partial Hydrolytic Polyacrylamide) and "ERD" (Extended Reach Drilling), among other results.

The site limits results lists to 300 entries. A search with more than 500 results only displayed an error message, but no results.

For definitions to Government & military acronyms see:

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