California Bar MCLE Compliance Deadlines
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GROUP 2 - California attorneys with last names H-M
Next California MCLE compliance deadline for period 2/1/12 - 1/31/15 is Feb. 2, 2015

GROUP 1 - California attorneys with last names A-G
Next California MCLE compliance deadline for period 2/1/13 - 1/31/16 is Feb. 1, 2016

GROUP 3 - California attorneys with last names N-Z
Next California MCLE compliance deadline for period 2/1/14 - 1/31/17 is Feb. 1, 2017

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Answers to other frequently asked questions about California MCLE compliance and requirements can be found at

The California Business and Professions Code and the State Bar of California require active attorneys, except those statutorily exempt, to take 25 hours of continuing legal education courses (MCLE) every three years, including four hours of legal ethics, and one hour each of elimination of bias and detection and prevention of substance abuse or mental illness. Lawyers must keep documentation for at least a year after their compliance is due.

Historically, California attorneys have submitted affirmation of their compliance with their MCLE requirements on a paper California MCLE Compliance Card. Now, in lieu of submitting a paper compliance card, California attorneys are encouraged to report their compliance online through their online  My California State Bar Profile.

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