California Supreme Court Dockets Available Online
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The dockets of the California Supreme Court are searchable for free online.

Users can search by:

  • Case Number
    • Supreme Court
    • Court of Appeal
    • Trial Court
  • Party Name
  • Attorney Name
  • Case Caption

Information returned in the searches includes:

  • Case Summary (Main Screen)
  • Lower Court Information
  • Party & Attorney Information
  • Briefing Summary
  • Docket Entries
  • Disposition

Users can also ask to be notified by e-mail when there is any activity/update to the case. Activity the can be tracked automatically includes:

  • Answer/Reply to Petition for Review Filed
  • Record on Appeal Filed (automatic appeal cases only)
  • Briefs Filed on the Merits and Amicus Briefs (briefs filed after a petition is granted review)
  • Orders Filed Granting Review
  • Disposition Filed (including denial of petition for review)
  • Request for Modification of Opinion or Petition for Rehearing Filed
  • Remittitur Issued

The Court advises however that "E-mail notification is provided as a convenient service and should not be your sole source for case updates. E-mail registrations will be deleted from the system six months after a case is complete. If a case is reinstated at a later date, you will need to register again for case notifications."

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