Census Bureau Makes Supplemental Information Available
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Results from the Census Bureau's pilot program to augment the decennial census with an "American Community Survey" (updated every year) have been released. "The American Community Survey is an essential component of the Census Bureau's strategy for reengineering the 2010 decennial census," says the Bureau's web site. "This evaluation study gives the Census Bureau an early look at long-form type results and essential information about the operational feasibility of converting from the long form to the American Community Survey." The American Community Survey is expected to be fully implemented by 2003.

The Census 2000 Supplementary Survey sampled approximately 58,000 addresses each month in 2000. While the survey reached only 1,203 of the nation's counties between January 2000 and December 2000, the Bureau was able to combine this data with other information previously gathered to extrapolate "population characteristics" in all 50 states.

Information available on a state-by-state or national basis, includes :

  • General Demographic Characteristics
  • Social Characteristics
  • Economic Characteristics
  • Housing Characteristics

Information can be viewed in a "narrative" format or in downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

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