Federal Judicial Center Web Site Adds More Search Criteria
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The Federal Judicial Center Web site has added a dozen new search criteria by which to search for Federal judges.

An expanded research question form now allows users to retrieve a list of all judges who meet the following particular, user-defined criteria:

  • Chief Judges
  • Court
  • Court Type
  • Nominating President
  • Party of Nominating President
  • Nomination Date
  • Commission Date
  • Retirement from Active Service Date
  • Termination Date
  • Termination Reason
  • Gender
  • Race or Ethnicity

Date fields may be defined to select all entries before, after, or on a single date or within a date range.

For example, a user could check off the boxes "Chief Judges" and "Gender" to return a list of all female (or male) Chief Judges.

Previously, the FJC's database of judges was only searchable by the judge's name.

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