Files Direct Offers Ability to Transfer Large Files via the Internet
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Files Direct offers users the ability to send and receive large files securely, via the Internet. The service utilizes 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to keep the user's files secure. This service can help attorneys who must share large files with clients (or co-counsel) avoid sending bloated e-mail messages with slow-downloading attachments. A 14-day free trial is available. It could also be used in conjunction with an existing extranet.*

Once a user establishes an account with Files Direct, they only have to log in to their account and, using the Files Direct online menu, select the file from their computer that they want to send - and to whom they want to send it. Files Direct automatically sends two e-mails: a confirmation to the sender, and a notification to the receiver. The recipient can then retrieve the file from the Files Direct server. (Users can also opt to receive an e-mail notification when the recipient has picked up the file.)

Because it is web-based, the Files Direct system will work with most computers and web browsers. Only the sender needs to have signed up for a Files Direct account. Recipients do not require an account to receive files.

Monthly pricing is based on the size of files sent.

Monthly Fee
Monthly Transfer Limit
Additional Transfer Charges
Storage Limit
250 MB
250 MB
500 MB
500 MB
Store 1000
1000 MB
1000 MB
Store 2500
2500 MB
2500 MB
Store 5000
5000 MB
5000 MB
Store 10000
10000 MB
10000 MB

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