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News, Updates and Reporting about the Firefox Web Browser

Firefox is available as a free download from the Mozilla Foundation. Versions of the browser are available for Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems. Mozilla was the original code name for the browser that became Netscape Navigator. In January 1998, Netscape Corporation announced that it would make the source code for the Netscape browser open and freely available to software developers worldwide.

Since then, volunteer software developers have refined that original code to create Mozilla (and now Firefox). The developers’ goal with Firefox was to create a browser that would not take up large amounts of hard disk space, would be compatible with the most number of Web pages, and would open pages quickly. Firefox also features pop-up and image blocking, further speeding the load time of pages that users want to see.

The latest version (v1.5 beta), released in September 2005, addresses a number of those issues, and adds a number of useful, new features. New features include an easy, one-button method for clearing your cookies, history and cache.

Below is the latest news regarding developments and additions to the Firefox Web browser. News About Firefox From News Coverage About Firefox from other News Organizations For more information about the productivity and security advatages of using Firefox, see:

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