Firm Offers Service of Process in All 50 States
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Serve'em offers process of service in all 50 states, American territories and in signatory countries of the Hague Service, Inter-American, and Letter Rogatory Conventions. The firm, which has operated as 1-800-serve-em since 1996, now offers the service via its web site.

The site has a U.S. map where users can access the service of process rules by clicking on a particular state (important information is highlighted). Similar information is available for the international countries in which they operate.

Additionally, the site offers interactive service of process forms for California, Texas, and Federal jurisdictions. Users fill in a simple web-based form by clicking on the "Service" tab at the top of the Serve-em web page. The form includes contact information of the person ordering the service and the address of the target of service.

The fee for domestic standard turn-around of service (within five business days) is $98.00. Same day service is available for $196.00.

Fees for International service vary and are quoted in advance. (Payment is also required in advance.) Users can track the progress of the service (much like tracking a Federal Express or UPS package) with a unique tracking number assigned by Serve-em.

Upon completion of service, Serve-em delivers the user proof of service affidavits that the company describes as "compliant with the rules of your original jurisdiction" via overnight courier.


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