Georgia Database Identifies & Tracks Parolees
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The Georgia state Parole Board has launched an online, searchable database of parolees in the state. Implemented under the state's "Know Thy Neighbor Act," which passedthe Georgia legislature in 1997, the database contains information on more than 22,000 fromer inmates.

The database allows users to search for parolees living throughout Georgia by:

  • zip code
  • parolee's name
  • prison ID number

Returned records include:

  • a link to the parolee's photograph
  • home address
  • physical description
  • beginning and ending parole date
  • most serious offense

If the parolee has failed to report for supervision, the record notes the absconder with a "WANTED" sign, and lists the parole office phone number to report tips on the individual's whereabouts.

The database will be kept current by a daily upload of new information from parole officer's laptops around the state. Address and parole information will never be more than one day old, according to the Parole Board's website.

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