Google Announces Google Apps News at I/O Conference
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Google has made a number Google Apps-related announcements today as part of the keynote presentation at its 2014 I/O conference in San Francisco, including:

Google Drive 190 Million monthly users

  • Google Drive counts 190 million active users over 30 days

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Google Drive For Work

  • "Drive For Work" offers:
    • Encryption of documents intransit and on-server
    • Enhanced administrative controls
    • Audit and activity APIs to track use of the system
    • Unlimited storage
    • Individual file storage up to 5TB file size
    • all for $10 per user per month
  • "Suggested Edits" bring "real" redlining for accepting/declining edits to Google Docs

Google Drive Native Editing Office Documents

  • Native editing of Microsoft Office documents in "Android for Work" - this includes Words, Excel, and Powerpoint (Docs, Sheets, and Presentations)

Additionally, Google provided some interesting usage statistics about who has "Gone Google" - using its Google Apps productivity suite, including:

  • 67% of the top 100 startups
  • 58% of the Fortune 500
  • 72% of the top 100 universities
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