Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers
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"Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers" - by Carole A. Levitt and Mark E. Rosch


Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers is designed as a step-by-step guide for lawyers to learn what features and functions are available in the Business versions of Gmail and Google Calendar, as well as related services such as Google Chat, Google Talk, Google Hangout and Call Phone. Millions of corporations, small businesses, solo lawyers, large and small law firms, and government agencies have moved from hosting their own e-mail servers ‑ and in some cases, calendars and documents ‑ to using Google Apps for Business.

Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers illustrates how lawyers are relying on Google Apps for Business for routine functions. Through this book, readers will learn how to:

  • Create Google Apps for Business accounts;
  • Get started with Gmail as the e-mail service provider;
  • Use labels and customized settings to manage e-mail;
  • Stay organized with Contacts and Task Manager;
  • Access Gmail messages and Calendar offline;
  • Communicate with Google Chat, Google Talk and Google Hangout;
  • Use Gmail to make phone calls;
  • Add, edit, search and print Calendar events;
  • Download Google Apps marketplace add-ons and Google Chrome plug-ins to further customize the online experience; and
  • Understand security, confidentiality and ethics concerns related to Google Apps.

The book includes anecdotes from lawyers and law firm IT professionals explaining how they use Google Apps for Business at their firms and the value and increased productivity they have derived from the products.



Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers | American Bar Association

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Price: $39.95

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Binding: Paperback.       
American Bar Association/Law Practice Management Books; ISBN# 978-1-61438-727-5
174 Pages;               
Publication Date: 2013



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