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FindLaw features top wire service reporting of legal news from around the world.

Links to breaking general news stories, as well as the ability to search their legal news archive are also provided.

Additionally, you can subscribe to Findlaw's free daily "News & Updates" e-mail.

Heiros Gamos' Newschart can search the internet for legal news in any of its 60 categories you choose.

The California Bar Journal is the official publication of the State Bar of California.

Law News Network (aka Law.com) culls its news from American Lawyer Media's (ALM) 21 newspapers and journals, including The American Lawyer, The National Law Journal and NY, NJ, Wash. D.C., TX, PA and Northern CA law journals. Law News Network content exists only on the internet. (ALM also owns Law News Network.)

Law News Network provides a daily "FREE e-mail digest of the most important legal news stories in the U.S."

ALM also provides a search engine to the Law News Network archives.

ALM's California journal CalLaw is a good source for legal news from around that state.

All news story abstracts and most news stories are free. (Those marked with a are reserved for subscribers only.)

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