Internet Legal Research on a Budget
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Internet Legal Research on a Budget: Free and Low-Cost Resources for Lawyers
By Carole A. Levitt and Judy K. Davis

With cost-conscious clients scrutinizing legal bills, lawyers cannot afford to depend on expensive legal research databases, especially when reliable free resources are available. Internet Legal Research on a Budget will help you quickly find the best free or low-cost resources online and use them for your research needs. This book will help you locate and use:

  • Legal portals and directories (government, academic, and commercial)
  • Case law databases (government and commercial)
  • Casemaker and Fastcase
  • Cite-checking cases
  • Dockets
  • Federal Statutory research
  • Federal, legislative, and congressional materials
  • Starting points for state, local, territorial, and tribal law
  • Practice area research using websites, blogs, Twitter,
    and more
  • Background information about attorneys, judges, and
    legal professionals
  • Foreign, international, and comparative law resources

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Internet Legal Research on a Budget

Price: $89.95

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321 pages
Publisher: American Bar Association (July 7, 2014)

This book is out of print and some of its content may be out of date.




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