Iowa Court Records Now Available Online
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The state of Iowa is providing free onine access to court records in all of its 99 counties. Iowa Courts Online free services offers Internet access to the following:

  • Current court records
  • Historical data: 4 to 10 years (depending on County)
  • Statewide index search
  • Public access records
  • Individual case financial information
  • Document events filing
  • Case disposition information
  • Appellate case information
  • Probate records

Specific information that is currently available for free includes:

  • Trial Court case summary and disposition
  • Long titles
  • Filings
  • Charges
  • Charge disposition & financial summary
  • Appellate case information

While documents are not available in full text, online searches will still be valuable in narrowning down information on what documents are available. Users can also sign up for e-mail notification regarding cases they are following. Additional information will be available in the future for a fee. That information includes:

  • Trial Court advanced searches
  • Schedule searches
  • Parties
  • Property
  • Judgments & liens
  • Exhibits
  • Financial detail
  • Bonds
  • Service returns
  • Traffic detail

Federal Computer Week reports that the subscription fee for this expanded information will be $25.00 per month.


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