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Six-Part Series Moderated by Law Practice Management Consultant/Business Coach Ed Poll

Nationally recognized Law Practice Management consultant Edward Poll has developed a series of tele-seminars to help lawyers answer the question "Why do other lawyers make more money?".

The six, one-hour "LawBiz Tele-Seminars for Profitability" will be presented on the fourth Wednesday of each month (with the exception of April-see below for dates) from 8:00-9:00 PM ET/5:00-6:00PM PT. Beginning January 23, the series covers a variety of topics designed to help lawyers build and develop their practice, and how to "plan to succeed."

Each live seminar will be lead by Poll. Participants will be able to ask specific questions about their practices.

The seminars are priced at $49.00 each or the package of six for $250 (a $44.00 savings). For more information, visit the LawBiz web site or contact Poll by phone at (800) 837-5880 or by e-mail at

"Lawyers who are well known in the practice or their firms - the ones with the clients they want and plenty of them - did not get that way on their own," said Poll. "Just like professional athletes, they are getting advice from a coach who has told them what mistakes to avoid, and what they're doing right. Lawyers can get the same kind of custom advice those successful lawyers hear by attending these tele-seminars."

Seminar Agenda:

January 23: Creating a Business Plan for profits: why and how to have a plan, setting goals and managing priorities - not time.

February 27: Secrets of creating a Marketing Plan: getting business from bar association connections, networking, publishing an electronic magazine and client communications.

March 27: Profiting from setting your fees: the untold steps of high pricing, effective billing and efficient collections.

April 17: Budgeting, creating a Financial Plan: for more revenue, reviewing key financial information and ratios that successful lawyers know.

May 22: Risk Management: intake procedures to screen out bad clients and let in good clients, avoiding conflicts of interest, staying out of business conflicts, making your insurance work for you and preparing for disasters.

June 26: Entry And Exit Strategy: how to grow by buying a law practice, and how to cash out by selling your law practice.


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